Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My BEST gift!

On this rare moment that I have alone time, sitting in a Starbucks trying to get much  needed work done, The Lord is beckoning me to Him. I love that! I love that He is always drawing us to Him.

One thing that I have been shown this past year is that I quickly settle for good, or "So-so" When God clearly has a "better"for me. Thinking about in Hebrews when  Abraham, Moses, and others walked by faith. not looking back knowing that God had a better for them (Hebrews 11:40)

As I take that into account regarding Christmas and how God literally gave US His best! His son, Jesus. He gave us life, He rescued us, He sees all that we are and yet, loves us anyway. So much so that He allowed His son to die for it. Not just a quick death where He knew He would see Him again, but a long, drawn out, painful, death. For people that would not even see it as a gift. He took the burdens and sins off of me and put it on Him. I can't even comprehend the depths of that.

Because He has given more to me then I can count, I want to give  my best in return. We do not have the authority to give life, but we do have the authority to share His truth.

In 1Samuel when the people were begging for a King to rule over them, much as we all do today, they wanted what the rest of the world had. They wanted a "so-so" not a "Better" When Samuel pleaded to the Lord on their behalf He says to him," Only you shall solemnly warn them the ways of the King who shall reign over them." You see, the people had rejected God. They were not going to hear from Him, but they did not reject Samuel. Not yet anyways, So he could still speak truth into them. He could still tell them that their desire to be like the rest of the world was wrong and that a True King, something better then you could ever fathom was right there. Though the people still refused to listen, Samuel did as he was told. He walked in obedience proclaiming Christ.

I want to love the people in my life enough to do that. I want to show them, tell them that their is a "better" for them. That there is Hope. So many people have rejected the Lord, but they have not rejected me..yet. With His Spirit in us we can proclaim the good news to everyone we meet without fear. We know where we are going. We know that death has lost it sting thanks to His gift. Others do not. They need to know. We need to stand firm in faith knowing that God has a plan for those He puts in our path. We need to speak boldly, with love, sharing the best gift.

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness on them light has shined."

"For to US a child is born;
to US a child is given;
and the government shall e upon His shoulders, and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Of the increase of His government and of peace THERE WILL BE NO END."

Father, help me to speak your truth even when its uncomfortable. Help me to speak to those that think they know you. Help me to speak to those that could care less. Help me to love like you. Open my eyes to the people around me who desperately need you and help me to remember that I desperately need you. Like the manna that rots when the suns sets, help me to go to you everyday. Pour into me King Jesus, so that I may pour out.