Thursday, April 26, 2012

Walk for Life GIVEAWAY!!!!

Last year my family and I participated in the Walk for Life 2 mile walk.  This year when we registered my kids wanted to know "Why we were not going to try and raise fund to help the babies?" So after talking with them they decided they wanted to try and help raise $100 each.  $500 total. 

The Kimberly Home and The Pregnancy center are special to me. They are PROLIFE. We have several very close friends that either work with them or volunteer there time with them. We donate baby food and anything we may have lying around to help them in anyway. 

All money that is raised goes directly to helping mommas and babies stay healthy and together. They provide counseling, food, clothes, shelter if needed, and they also will help with adoption if that is the route the mother wants to go.

This past week (April 19th) my sister in law went into early labor and gave birth to my nephew Kevin Jr. at 21 weeks and 4 days. He was so precious and perfect, but unfortunately he was to small to breathe on his own and he is now with Jesus. I am thankful for the very short time that we had with him and we  want to dedicate these funds in his honor.

ALL money that is raised goes directly to them. Even if we don't get to $500 it doesn't matter. Every little bit helps the Kimberly Home help others. Though we would LOVE to be able to bless them with the $500.

We only have less then 14 days to raise the funds. So my dear friend Rachel has so graciously given me a MudLove band that reads "Love with Abandon" ( how perfect is that!?!) to give away.  For every $5 you donate you will be entered to win a MudLove band. 

I will also be giving away Jen Hatmaker's book Seven.  I have not read this book yet, but I love Jen's blog and I have heard nothing but great things about the book.

So...... for every $5 you donate you will be entered into BOTH drawings.  The more you donate, the better your chances. :)

This giveaway will end Tuesday May 8th at noon.  Your donation goes directly to the Kimberly Home and you will also get a tax deduction.Just click on the link at the top to learn more about the Kimberly home and to donate!!!

Thank you so much for helping us raise funds for a great cause!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last year of single digits!

This Easter was my eldest, the boy that  made me a mother, 9th birthday. I can't believe this will be his last year of single digits.

All I ever wanted to be was a mother. When he was born, I would not let anyone else touch him. I wanted this child so bad that I wanted to be the one to do everything.  I didn't want to miss anything. I had to protect him. Just as my "mine" mentality grew. God was starting to break my heart and show me that this child was His first.

My little blue eyed boy

Elijah is a momma's boy and  I have always said that God made him to be a big brother. He loves it! and asks me all the time when he can have another sibling. ( I like to remind him that he hates when any of them touch his legos and yet, he wants more in this house) He loves to fish all the time and He goes hunting every year with his dad. He shot his first gun at 4.

Elijah looks and acts exactly like his daddy. Which is probably why we have a close relationship. I get him and his quirks. It also means he will make a great hubby one day :)

On his actual birthday I attempted to make a Lego cake. It seemed so easy. I ended up being rushed and not only did it fall apart it also started to melt. Elijah put his arm on me and says " Don't worry mom, I am sure it will taste better then it looks."

It's a good thing my kids expectations are not high :)

As each birthday passes with my kiddos, I am even more thankful to the Lord that He has called us to home school. I would miss so many precious times with my kids and as we always say "it goes by to fast."  The conversations that we have, the relationships that are growing stronger, the foundation that Christ is building... I would not change it for anything. 

Elijah gave his life over to the Lord when he was 7 and was baptized shortly after.  His tender heart, his gift of patience, his love for people. I am excited to see what God has planned for his life.  Praying daily that the word of Christ will dwell richly in his life. That he will have a firm foundation to draw from to overcome all that this world will throw at him.

                                              Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be his mother.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Beyond Thankful

My heart is hurting and yet rejoicing at the same time.

I lack the words to express what today means to me.

I was once that girl who cut herself. Who had no hope and turned to drugs. Who thought that this life was all there was. Who thought "This is as good as it gets."

But God had other plans. He saw me, His precious daughter refusing to look up and see Truth.

"Melissa, I created you! I formed you! 
Fear not, for I have redeemed you; 
I have called you by name, you are mine.
When you go through rivers, fires, I am with you. 
They will not overwhelm you or burn you. 
For I am the Lord; Your Savior.
You are precious in my eyes and honored, and I love you."
                    Isaiah 43:1-4

The wrath that was poured out on my Savior was meant for me. I will never have to know or feel what even a tiny part of that would feel like. There are no words. Me, a broken vessel where nothing good dwells. who every time will choose my own way first.

Thankfully He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His steadfast love toward those who fear Him, as far as the east is from the west, so far does He remove our transgressions from us. (Pslam103:10-12)

"It was the will of the Father to crush Him;
He bore the sins of many; and makes intercession for the transgressors."

Shout for joy!! Proclaim it!!! Send it to the ends of the Earth!!! For the Lord has redeemed His children!

For His glory,