Monday, May 2, 2011

With all that I am

My little diva of a daughter. She is my ummmmmm strong willed child. She has what I like to call an emotional switch. She can be the sweetest, selfless little one around and then when that switch is flipped she can be.. well... not so sweet. 

One of the many things that I do love about her and actually admire is that good or bad, no matter what it is you will get all of her. She doesn't just give you bits and pieces like most of us, you get it all. Every bit of energy, every bit of love, every bit of anger.  There is no holding back with this girl.

 My favorite is her hugs. When she hugs you, no matter who you are, she throws her whole body at you. Thankfully she is tiny for her age so it doesn't hurt, but boy does she body slam you and holds you tight.

I was reading in Philippians the other day and a verse stood out at me. Then last night I heard it again.
Paul is speaking to the church at Philippi, but really it is for us all. 

The verse that stood out is "How I yearn for you all with the affection of Christ." (Phill, 1:8)
Paul was an amazing man. I won't get into his life prior to knowing Jesus, but once his eyes were opened he gave his all to Christ. The good, the bad, the ugly. All that he was, for Christ and Christ alone.  When he says that  verse, "As God is my witness how I yearn for you with the affection of Christ", I believe him. His life proves it. Even when he was in prison, he tried to encourage the body for Christ.

He knew that this love he had for others was not of his doing but it was Christ working through him. The rebuking. the encouraging, the everything that he had to give and then some. 

I want that!

I want to yearn for others. I want to be able to give everyone, not just a select few, my all. 

I want to be able to see people through Gods eyes.

I want to go to bed exhausted at night because I was serving the Lord and not myself. 

I want to share the affection that God has for His children. 

God commands it!

My prayer is that I will constantly seek His face, with all that I am; so that I may have a stirring affection for Christ in ALL things.

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