Monday, May 30, 2011

Of course He did!

We had exactly 7 days to raise $6100 so we could say "yes!" to our precious Caleb.

God did it in 5!!

Of course He did!!

I wish I could say that the whole time I was praying and updating my Facebook status with where we were, that I knew that it was going to come in, I wish I could say that I never let it stress me out, because after all God is the one who owns it all, but I can't.

This weekend I went to the once a year Homeschool convention. My friend and I planned and payed for it months ago, so there was no backing out. I am so glad that I went. I will blog more about it later, but it was a wonderful distraction.

On Friday I was really having a hard time. Between some of the negativity that people were saying  on top of me all ready feeling insecure, I was losing it. It was all sin of course and I was desperately trying to give it to God. After all there was nothing that I could do to make people give. I didn't want anyone to feel like they had to anyway, but I was worried it would not come in.

Thankfully God had me run into a wonderful lady named Mary. She has this wonderful gift of encouraging and rebuking you at the same time. I just laid everything out for her. Not just my fears with the money but also all the changes that God was making to our home schooling (will blog more later) and other things. Everything just came at me at once and before you know it my joy was gone. And then since my joy was gone I was even more upset that I would allow that to be taken from me..... Hello....I have waited over a year to find out who our son was and I was not even enjoying it!!!

After she basically told me that I was living in sin I thanked her for loving me in that way and I went outside to pray. I just needed to let it all go and at that very moment. thanks to Lord, I did.... Finally! My joy was back and I was able to not just enjoy the fact that I will be a mother to five kiddos, I was also able to have my heart open to receive all that God was showing me during the convention.

Because of the Lord working through all of you, we are able to send in the paper work and the money to say Yes to our Caleb. We are waiting for the money from paypal to hit our account and then off it will go. What an amazing feeling.

So many of you wrote us thanking us for allowing you the opportunity to be apart of this. Only God!

So many of you gave out of your poverty. You gave knowing you had to pull it from somewhere else, like groceries or bills. Only God!

So many of you prayed and were spreading the word and you have no idea who we are. Only God!

We prayed that we would not be in this situation when we received our referral. We prayed that we would not have to ask people over and over again to help us. Yet, God had other plans and I am thankful that He chose this route for us. Watching all that He did made me fall on my knees in worship. How could you all see my status and the money keep dropping and not praise Him?

I am truly in awe of His faithfulness.

I wish I was a women of amazing words so that you could feel what we are feeling and so that we could properly thank each and everyone of you.

Every single person that gave will be on the back of our puzzle for Caleb. I have not had the time to put it all together but I will take a picture when it is all done.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!!!

Thank you Jesus for calling us down this road of having another one of your precious children in our home.  I am so undeserving of any of your goodness and yet, you continue to bless me anyway. Thank you Lord for this amazing humbling experience. May you have the Glory and Honor forever. Amen!

I can't wait to tell you more about what God has done. Today was incredible! I will blog more later.

Also for those that may not have seen  it, here is our video of seeing Caleb for the first time. And yes, my hubby is beyond thrilled, He is a man after all and he wasn't going to cry;)

Singing His praises,

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  1. I cannot imagine you dealing with hate mail, of all things! My heart breaks to hear that! So excited to see God come through (as He always does!) and I CANNOT wait to meet little man! <3