Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two become one

Today I am celebrating nine years of hot loven marriage to the man of my dreams.

Last week we had some dears friends offer to watch our kids so we could have 24 hours alone.  We had an amazing time. Most of our date nights are filled with getting church stuff done, or figuring out things with our kids. This 24 hours was a time where we could just be still.
My favorite thing. relaxing on the beach in my mans arms.

And of course we did a lot of this ;)

But something really cool happened that night.

Eleven years ago Jon took me on our first date to the movies. When the  movie was over it was late and he asked if he could take me to a place where you can usually see manatees in the water. Of course I wanted to go. So we went to this beautiful dock where it was pitch black except for the moon shining down and a couple of lights lighting the boardwalk.  We were all alone and there was this nice breeze so we starting dancing. I am not a romantic type of person, but this was romantic.  We never did see manatees but he did kiss me. This place was now our spot, he even tried to propose there (I will save that for another blog) and we have gone there a million times, even taking the kids and I have never seen a manatee. It became a  joke of ours  with me always saying  "Sure there are manatees there, you were trying to court me!"

On our little 24 hours alone, we ended up seeing a late movie. We did not get out til after midnight so I had assumed we were going home. Instead he drove us to our spot. It was beautiful. It was pitch black, with only the moon shining and some lights on the boardwalk, there was a nice breeze and we were all alone. We started to dance and right before he was about to kiss me we heard a loud noise. Like something coming up out of the water for air. We looked into the water and saw about 6 manatees! My hubby's first response was "I told you!"

 I was unable to get a picture of the manatees since it was so dark, but I was able to get a picture of  an amazing couple. :D

At our spot

I am so thankful that God has brought the two of us together. Jonathan is truly a man after Gods own heart. The bible says that a man is suppose to love his wife as Jesus loves the church and that he is suppose to be the head of our family as Jesus is the head of the church. Jon would never agree with me, but he does that. He knows that he is a broken man and the only way he can truly serve the Lord is by continually seeking His face in everything. He can't love me the way that Jesus has required if he does not die to himself.

I get this amazing honor of being his wife and praying with him and more importantly we get to serve the  Lord side by side. I get to do this with a man who loves me for me. A man who holds me accountable (which is not easy), says the things that I don't always want to hear but need too, and  who always points me to our King.

What an amazing man for our kids to look up too. I pray the our daughters will marry a godly man just like their daddy. And I pray that our boys will grow up to be men who serve the Lord first, just like their daddy. 

Praying that the Lord will continue to strengthen our marriage and our family so that we can serve Him in anyway the He sees fit. Praying that I will seek the Lords face so that I can be the wife that He has called me to be. Someone who submits to his leadership, someone who does not hinder the call on my hubby's life, but instead prays for him and  encourages him.

Jonathan, I love you more then words can say.
                                    HAPPY  ANNIVERSARY !!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Mel! You guys are an amazing couple and even though I don't know Jon...I do know YOU and have to say that your heart is like that of Mary- at Jesus' feet; loving and serving those around you.

    May the Lord continue to bless your union and share with you more about His love for you as you see that gift unfold in your husband! Love you!

  2. Thank you for sharing :) And I have to say "you always do alot of THAT!" LOL!!! Adorable :) You are both amazing [and yes, I know it is the LORD]. <3

  3. i love this.
    happy [belated] anniversary!