Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's a BOY!!!!!

I can't believe that I can finally say  that WE HAVE SEEN OUR SON"S FACE!!! Oh and  what a precious face it is!

I will have to blog about "the call" another time, but it was amazing and quite funny.

Let me first tell you his name.

We will call him  Caleb (his given name, which we will not share yet) Maser

God gave us the name Caleb when we first started this adoption process and it seemed so fitting with some people against what we were doing (just like Caleb in the bible) and yet we knew that even though this road would be difficult, God had all ready paved the way. He had a precious boy picked out for us!

Caleb is 9 months old!! He has the most amazing smile and is a little chuncker! I can not wait to hold our little Caleb and tell him all about his brothers and sisters.

One thing that I wish we could do was just enjoy this referral, which we are!!! but we still have to pay the $8300 fee so that we can say "Yes, we want him to be our son!" This is not the route I wanted to take, but this is what God had planned.  I am reminded of Luke 5 when Jesus tells the men to put there nets in the water and they reply, but Master we have toiled all night and nothing...... Like I am saying Lord, we have asked a billion times all ready!..... but they obeyed Jesus and their nets were so full they were breaking....

We are in this position of asking, again.. and we are going to obey, but this time we know our boy. SO we humbly ask you to help us pay our referral fee. We have exactly 7 days to pay it. We only need $6,100.  No amount is to small. A little adds up very quickly. If you could please also share our blog so that others may have the opportunity to give.

For everyone that donates we will write your name on the back of Caleb's puzzle. That way we can also have it completed by the time he comes home <3

For those of you wanting to see pictures, we would be so happy to show you. You don't even have to ask, we will probably show you several times! but we can not post his photo on the internet just yet. Not until he is legally ours.  We will have a picture with us so we can show you when we see you!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. Please help us spread the word. You can donate using our paypal to the right or you can send us a check. Send me an email for our address masermel@yahoo.com.

We will update the total every couple of hours. Anything above the referral fee will go towards our travel cost.

Thank you all so much!

In awe of His goodness!


  1. tears of joy for you, friend! look forward to watching God pay your little boy's ransom!


  3. So happy for you! We adopted 2 of our 6 children and I will never forget when we got "the call". It is so exciting to know that God has a special child chosen for your family. On behalf of my 2 adopted children, who have blessed our family in many ways, I am making a donation and wish you God's blessing as you have answered His call!