Monday, May 16, 2011

Yard Sale!!

This past Saturday we had our hopefully last garage sale for our adoption. I say last because, this is our fourth one and I would like to have my garage and house back. Plus I am praying that we get our referral and all the money will come pouring in... hey it can happen :)

We are so thankful to everyone that prayed, donated stuff, cooked us brownies, and helped us sell and organize. Yard sales are exhausting and the fact that many of you spent your Saturday with us meant a lot!!

The big strong men that helped move everything!

My Mother in law has been beside us this whole journey

Those are some cute kids selling brownies for their little brother

Josh brought us over some more brownies that his lovely bride made

Tracie and her sweet girlies came by to show support!  Plus she brought me coffee!!

After we got caught in the rain. Thank you sweet Ladies!!!

We had to cut the sale short because it started to storm.

We had so many people that wanted to come and could not, we had some people stop by and give a donation, and we also had a dear sweet friend send a donation through PayPal since she lives in another state and wanted to support us.

So between the sale, donations, and the goodies we sold. We made almost $500!!!!  We have made more in the past, but I am beyond thankful! That is $500 closer to our boy <3

Thank you so much to everyone! All of you have been a HUGE part of our journey so far. It is such an encouragement to know that people are standing beside us and helping us get our boy home. We love you all!!!

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  1. Hi is all privilege! I got to love on a little one year old man from ET this morning and I couldn't help but think of you moving up that list! Love you!