Friday, November 19, 2010

We are ALL called......

    I know that you have heard people say it a million times " We are not all called to adopt, but we are all called to help."  Though it is true and I have scripture to back it up, I wanted to share with you what it feels like when you come along side a family and you are not adopting yourself.

     Yes, I know I am but when our dear friends started their amazing journey we had no desire to adopt, we even prayed for it and God said no. When they first started to pray about whether this is what God wanted for their family, we prayed with them. When they sent in the paper work we felt their joy.

 We have been praying and helping with whatever we can to help bring home their daughter. It has been an incredible journey. I have felt the frustration with them, I have cried with them, I have rejoiced with them and now I get to see this amazing family with their new daughter.

 I am saying all this because I feel their joy, I feel their love and I feel so blessed that they would allow me to come along side them and walk this journey with them. So many adopting families (including myself) want nothing more then to have a group of people praying for us and supporting us, whether that means encouraging words, financially, spreading the word, meals when they come home, more prayer. Anything!!

I truly believe with all that I am that we are ALL called to be apart of the orphan crisis. That doesn't mean just adoption. There are children out there that can be sponsored so that they can stay with their parents and go to school. Their are children in the foster care system who need a safe, loving place to stay.There are people who are adopting that need people like you to come along side them.

There are 147 Million orphans in this world and rising. Christians should be the first ones in line to help dwindle that number. I understand that money is tight. Believe me I do. But I highly doubt that when  you get to Heaven God is going to tell you that you shouldn't have spent so much money on those that have less then you, you should have enjoyed it for yourself. There is ALWAYS something that we can give up to help those that can not help themselves.

I am crying tears of joy as I write this, but here is sweet Abby Lynne. The one we have been praying for, the one we have been blessed to be able to come along side. Can not wait to love on this precious girl. This sweet child is no longer an orphan <3. Jesus THANK YOU for allowing me to be apart of her story. Thank you Jesus for working through so many people to help bring her home.

You can go over to The Walser's Blog    to see more. Amazing!!

One more thing. I promise you that by coming alongside a family you will be blessed more then they would be. You will get to be apart of something so amazing that words  can not describe, but more importantly you will learn and you will see that this life, this world, and these children are not about you at all!

To God be the glory!!!!!!


  1. Nicely said Melissa! What a privilege to be part of the Walser journey, and yours, and Erica's, etc. Incredible opportunities!

  2. Love this, Melissa! Just what we were talking about today! :) Thanks for sharing your heart!`

  3. Awesome post Melissa! We are ALL called and I love how you gave some bigger pictures ideas to what that could look like!

    I am definitely celebrating the Walser family's newest addition here in Palmetto!

    You said it "To God be the Glory!"

  4. So true and beautiful!

    I can't imagine our journey without you! I feel the same exact way about baby Maser as we anticipate his arrival!

    Love you, Mel!