Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's here!!!!!

Our sweet friend has worked very hard on making jewelry for us to sell. Not just any jewelry, but necklaces inspired by our adoption. She is very talented and has blessed us tremendously by doing this for our son. We are so excited about our two beautiful and amazing necklaces, we hope you love them too! Please check them out and buy! Send to anyone you know. Remember when you wear one (or two) of these necklaces it should remind you that you helped bring a child to his forever home, that you helped in a BIG way to bring our sweet son into our arms. All proceeds (minus the costs to make them) go towards our adoption costs.

This necklace features an authentic Ethiopian twenty five cent piece set in a silver toned bezel on a braided, genuine leather cord. One side of the coin bears the Lion of Judah symbol, which dates to the visit of Queen Sheba to Solomon (960 b.c.). The other side features a man and woman in a celebratory pose with the numbers 2 & 5 on either side of them. The leather cord is 18" long and the pendant is approximately 1" in diameter.
You can purchase these to the right.

This necklace is made of glass trade beads accented with metal beads from Africa. The Ethiopian flag is green, red, and yellow. I added in the blue after seeing it in so much of the traditional jewelry. Both the metal and glass beads are fair trade. The necklace measure approximately 442” in circumference and can easily be doubled up.
You can purchase these to the right.

Jon and I are so in love with both of these necklaces. To be honest the pictures are amazing, but it does not do them justice. For those of you who are local and just want to buy from me, please email me and you don't have to do pay pal.
REMEMBER by buying these you will be helping to bring our son home!!!!

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