Wednesday, May 12, 2010

$5 is all it takes!

  We have been praying of a way to reach our dossier goal and a way to also meet some people who are adopting or people who will/have adopted. So the Lord has provided a way that we can do both.

So here it is. We just need 875 people to donate $5. That's it, so easy right!?! or is it? Would you be willing to give up one really good cup of coffee, or one fast food meal, or one milkshake, or whatever else you can think of? Would you be willing to give just $5 to help us bring our son home? We have our donate button to the right. It's that simple. Also would you please pass around our blog? The more people that know the better, plus I could meet some really great people.

We really need to reach this goal so that we can get our dossier in. Once we do that, then we are waiting on our referral to see who our son is. Do you see why we really need to get this moving along? We will have more fees and hurdles after that, but one thing at a time. Please don't wait and think you have time to give. If everyone did that, then we would never reach our goals. We need all you. Or right now just 875 of you :) We can do this, actually God can do this. Be apart of this journey with us and watch (with us) how the Lord will provide.


  1. Having just walk the path of faith to Ethipia with our finances, I can tell you...really tell you that God is going to provide. We were surprised many times along the way at His provision. God used friends this time, my blog, Just Love Coffee, and a benefit that was thrown in our honor. We were humbled and blown away.

    Praying that you can see His hand at work and that you can rest in His word as you wait for His perfect provision for this call. We often say, "His will, His bill." and "Where He calls, He enables."

    bless you Melissa! Nice to meet you.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. Hello Melissa....I'm Jenn! Nice to "meet" you! We are not adopting currently, nor have we in the past, but God willing we will be in the future! And until it is our "time", I am determined to help as many people who are currently adopting as I can!! I am posting about this on my Facebook, and will be putting it on my blog.

    God Bless you in this Journey! I am excited to watch God in action along the way!