Monday, December 12, 2011


I love December! I honestly think it is the one month out of the year where I am not stressed out of my mind. It's the truth! It's sad, but true!

I don't go crazy on gifts (they get 3 each) and we do devotions everyday, so we are focused on the Lord. That doesn't mean my whole month is perfect. The kids are still fighting and my house is trashed and I haven't slept much, but I have amazing joy! God fills my heart with Joy when I focus on  Him. I must repent though because after the "high" of this month and celebrating Jesus birth and Him being our gift. I sort of let all that go to the side the rest of the year. I can talk the talk but unfortunately I am not walking the walk that the Lord has for us. There has been much conviction and repenting going on in this house.

On to our traditions:

Every year we go to Starbucks and hubby and I get coffee and the little ones get hot chocolate. We then drive around and look at Christmas lights. We go to the same places every year and we get out and walk around.  We try to do it when it is really cold, but it's Florida and it is not always cold.

Daddy showing Caleb the lights.

Daddy and his boys.
Every year we also do a Jesus tree. We let the kids make one and we hang it up. Then every day daddy (or if he is working, I will) read the kids  scripture and allow them to make an ornament with what they believe the scripture is about. I love seeing their creativity every year. My favorite moment so far was when my oldest decided to draw Mary and Elizabeth together pregnant and my five year old asked him why he drew them with big butts!! LOL

Elijah gluing his ornament to the tree.

My younins listening to daddy.

Jacob working on his ornament
Daddy reading scripture.
My older daughter also participates. I took these photos the other day and I didn't take very many :)

Our other favorite tradition is baking!!! We take a whole day and bake like crazy. The kids love it and so does daddy since he gets to eat everything. We also give lots away to our neighbors. I don't have pictures because we have not had our baking day yet, but it is coming up!

Those are our traditions for December. Of course we always decorate our real tree and play CHRISTmas music. It's always a little crazy with 5 little ones, so I did not get any pictures. 

I would love to hear about your family traditions. Feel free to share them or link your blog post!

Praying your day is filled with Joy that only Christ can give,

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  1. Love the Jesus tree idea! My little guy is still a little young for that, so we are reading a book called "The Advent Book" every day, and I give him a piece of the Little People Nativity set every day!