Friday, December 2, 2011

How's it going?

It has been a week since Caleb has been home and two weeks since we took him from the orphange. So how is it going?

The short answer? GREAT!

When we were in Ethiopia, it is their custom that they will take Caleb from us. Yes, people we don't know will randomly come up and take him from my arms. Not to be mean. They kiss on him and rock him. It is just their custom and I was warned it would happen. I put on a happy face, but it was hard for me to let them. The greatest part was when they would take him, he would scream and reach for me. It melted my heart and it showed them that he knew I was his momma. :)

The flight home was..... rough! Our sweet boy slept for maybe two hours all together. The blessing with that was that he was automatically on our time zone. Since he came home and crashed, we haven't had to worry about him being awake at night. Though he has cried a few times at night, he pretty much is getting on a schedule. I am one of those mommas that LOVE schedules, so as soon as he was home I started working on one with him. So far so good. Some rough times. The boy has a HUGE temper (hey, he wouldn't be a Maser without one) but we are lovingly working through them.

Every morning their is a poop incident. You know when you go in and say "Good morning, sweet boy!" and there is poop every where! Hubby and I fight over who gets to see him first thing in the morning ;) Today he had that honor and it was not pretty! Caleb thinks it is funny, he just laughs and laughs!

Our kids have been amazing with him. They are so thankful their brother is finally here. They fight over wanting to feed him and change him. I have to keep reminding them that mommy and daddy need to be the ones to do everything for him for a while.It is a challenge some days.

Caleb has really taken to me. It melts my momma heart. He wants me all the time and if I am not holding him, he just has to make sure I am in the room. I really do believe he remembers being abandon. At least the emotions of it. There are times you will see fear in his eyes and then when he looks for hubby and I and sees us, you can see it go away.

My five year old asked me other day why his first mommy left him. We are all well aware that his first momma had to make a decision that I will never comprehend, because she loved him that much. Heart ache had to occur for Caleb to be a Maser. Thankfully, God makes ALL things new. He is such a blessing and a perfect fit in our crazy family! We pray for his first momma everyday.  When Caleb is older he will ask questions. Some I will have answers to, some I will not. The good news is that no one will ever be able to fill that whole in his heart, but God can and will. We pray for Caleb, that he will learn through the Lord's help that there is beauty in pain and that God has an amazing plan for his life.

Now for some pictures!!!! Whose idea was is it to have 5 kids under the age of 8????

Taken in Ethiopia

Good morning!

First time on a swing.

First time on a slide

Playing in the rain. He loved it!

                                           5 kids under 8. It was God's idea and I am filled with more joy then I deserve that he would allow me to be their mom. Thank you Jesus!

He was reaching for us, but it is still cute!

All for His Glory,


  1. Beautiful!! What a wonderful Gift from God at this special time of year!! Blessings to you all!!

  2. Love love love love this!!! <3 God is so good!! Sending hugs from Oregon!!

  3. You have the cutest family!!

  4. That must of been soo hard for you to finally have your son and then watch others "take" him from you consistently. You are a strong woman, I would've probably cried every time! Your children sound SO SWEET and nurturing, what an awesome reflaction that is to how wonderfully you and your husband are raising your children. Caleb is blessed beyond measure! May the Lord continue to bless each of you!!!