Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hubby has been back at work and home schooling has been in full swing, but today.

Today I have so much on my mind.

Today I am missing Ethiopia and wish I knew when we could go back.

Today my two middle children are in the other room arguing about who gets to turn on the computer. My two oldest are suppose to be doing math at the table and instead are trying to make Caleb laugh when they think I am not looking.

Today my life is chaotic, my house is messy, laundry clean and dirty is all over the place, dishes need to be done, people are coming over for dinner and I have no idea what I am cooking. But....

Today as I look around at the little blessings God has entrusted me with, I can't help but have a huge burden for other kids who will never know the love of a family. Will never know what it is like to have dirty dishes in the sink, to argue with a sibling, to have clean laundry (even if it's not put away)  to have a hot meal at the dining room table... together..  who will never know the love of our Savior.... our Hope... our Joy.

Hubby and I have been  praying for a while that God would allow us to foster. Caleb is finally home and even though this is not something we can not do for at least a year, we are still praying about taking classes. Getting ready, just in case God has a plan for it. And if He doesn't then we will keep praying for all the children locally and globally.

I always said that fostering is a way to really show the love of Christ to children. No matter how long or short they were in your home, I truly believe that that love will never leave them, that seeds would be planted.


What about the people that enter my home now.. families... singles.... friends..strangers. Am I showing them the love of Christ? Am I even attempting to be obedient to Christ with others so that seeds will be planted?

What about my own kids or my hubby? Am I showing them the love of Christ? Am I extending the Grace that has been so freely given to me?

Today... It's just beginning and His mercies are new.... not just every morning.. but right now.

Praying..... for the burdens on my heart.

Praying..... for so many around me who are hurting.

Praying.... that I can extend the kind of love and Grace that the Lord extends to me.... with His help of course.

Today.. I am praising Him for all He has done and will continue to do. 

"O, Lord God, you have only begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand." Duet.3:24

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