Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We started, did you?

We started our fourth year of home schooling the first week of  August. Basically as soon as we got back from Africa, yes even during my horrible jet lag, we started school.

I was feeling convicted about the extended break we took and I knew that I needed to get back on a routine.

Plus the kids actually like doing school work (ummmm most of the time) and they also missed the routine.

Even though I thought everything was going great God has decided to change some stuff for us this year.

We started Classical Conversations (CC) on Tuesday. We go once a week in the morning for three hours and I also tutor there.

I am so thankful that God's plans are ALWAYS better then my own.  I was beyond stressed about adding this to our schooling and I didn't know how it would all work out with my four (soon to be five) kids who all learn differently.

On Tuesday I woke up with such joy in my heart. We had an amazing first day. Not everything went perfectly but we had a blast! I am tutoring seven students ages 8 and 9. Which is also another blessing. My oldest is 8 1/2 (he is in my class) and I am able to learn with him. He told me in class that I am the best teacher he has ever had and he is glad that I was teaching him at CC as well.... Such a sweet boy! But ummmm I am the ONLY teacher he has ever had :)

First day at CC in my classroom
Obviously the kids are not as excited about geography as  I am!

Along with adding CC into our schooling we have also decided that we are no longer going to take a break with regards to math. (just like we don't take a break with reading) What I mean by that is my kids will be doing some sort of math every single day! Yep, I mean it. It only takes 3 minutes on the weekends or vacation breaks, so it is not a big deal. But I was super annoyed with spending our first month of home schooling relearning all the hard work we just did. I want my kids to be able to do math in their sleep. The sooner they understand and remember what they have learned the better they will be when we introduce harder concepts.  So far the kids love it. They have more confidence in themselves as we are moving forward.

We have also added pen pals this year. Which we are all really excited about. I wrote On facebook asking for pen pals for my two oldest and was able to get them three each. We have not started on writing letters yet, but I will be incorporating them soon. I wanted them to get through our first day of CC first.

Also by request of my kids, we will be incorporating more art. Anything they can paint, draw, or create they are all about. I am looking for some fun , not to messy ideas if anyone would like to share!

So this is our school year so far! I am so excited and can't wait to share some of our fun field trips that we will be taking this year.

Have you started yet? And if so what has the Lord changed about your schooling this year! Please also feel free to share any fun ideas :)


  1. I am doing homeschool preschool for the first time. Felt so strongly about doing it, but had my doubts too. I am just going to trust that God was speaking.

    We are doing Montessori style "learning trays" and lots of reading, field trips and nature hikes. Such creative freedom and space for living!

  2. Happy homeschooling ...sounds like a fun year ahead!