Friday, August 26, 2011

Fully what???? and a Winner!

I have been thinking about how I would write this post..... and no words form, just humble tears. I guess because I am still in shock.

I remember writing a post well over a year ago about how we would never allow money to stop us from serving the Lord. When God called us to adopt we knew this would be no easy task. Money is never a fun subject to talk about and having to constantly put our selves out there for each and every fee was hard.

But God had amazing things in store for us.

He exceeded our expectations every single time. He brought tons of people into our lives who have not only helped out financially but who are emotionally invested with us. 

He brought someone into our lives that was excited about helping us get a grant.

He brought someone into our lives that made beautiful jewlery for us to sell.

He brought amazing ladies into my life that have linked arms with us before we even knew this was the road that God was calling us too.

He brought wisdom and encouragement from so many of you.

He rained money from Heaven exactly when we needed it and not a minute late.

He brought miracles after miracles.

I have never felt more prayed for in my life!

"Thank you" will never be enough. 

Through all the many fundraisers, garage sales, shirt sales, jewelry sales, grants, church, and all of you. God funded our full adoption which was a little over $27,000!! How can you read that and not see that God owns it all? 

I will be honest and say that I did not always believe that God would bring it. I would make myself sick with worry, I would cry out to him and others, I would get upset, angry, annoyed, you name it and my sinful self felt and probably said it.  

I deserve nothing and yet He sings praises over me anyway. (Zeph 3:17)

Forgive me for not being able to truly express how I am feeling and how thankful I am to each and every one of you! I try to write and all I can do is cry happy tears. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

And now as I wipe my eyes so I can see what I am writing, here is the winner of the $25 Amazon  gift card!!!! I put the name of each person that donated in a basket and had my crazy kids draw a name.


            From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU ALL!!!

Please be in prayer with us that we fly though Embassy!

Sweet Caleb so many people here love you and are dying to meet you. We will not stop praying and I just know we will be on a plane soon coming to bring you home <3

Singing His praises,


  1. Just started following your story. Can't help but be drawn by God at work. Congrats to you on being funded and on experiencing God's provision in such a beautiful way!

    Just added myself as a follower!

  2. I am so pleased for your family. God indeed is SO GOOD!!! I hope for speedy and safe travels to bring your sweet boy home.
    Suzanne Hollin (Chele used to work with me :) )