Friday, October 15, 2010

Waiting list and GIVEAWAY!!!!

I am overjoyed right now!!! We just got the email that we are officially on the waiting list to get our son. Oh I just love writing that. We are #47!!!!  I love how God works. I was at co-op all morning and hubby has been working. I have been checking my phone just waiting to get an email. But secretly I wanted to get it when hubby and I were together. When I got home, hubby was on lunch break, we were all together and guess what!?! We got the email. Seriously, God rocks!

To celebrate we are going to do a giveaway of $150.00!!! Yes, that is right. I was going to do an IPOD, but then thought why not just the cash. You can go Christmas shopping, go on a mini vacation, use it towards your adoption, or put it right back into ours ;).... Whatever you want to do with it, it is yours. Before I tell you how to enter, let me show you something.

This is a picture of our puzzle so far and it kinda makes me sad. You can "sponsor" a puzzle piece and you or your families name will be written on the back permanently. Then when it is complete, we will put it in a double sided glass so that our little one can see all the names of everyone who helped. :)

Now let me tell you how to enter.

$10 to "sponsor" 1 puzzle piece- 1 entry
$25 to "sponsor" 3 puzzle pieces- 3 entries

AFTER you have "sponsored" a piece, you will get another entry for putting it on your FaceBook AND another entry for putting it on your blog.

That is a lot of entries.

Just click on our Donate button and enter the amount you would like and the name you would like on the puzzle. For those of you who do not want to use PayPal, just email me at and I can give you an address.

Thank you all so much. Please celebrate with us. And  GOOD LUCK!


  1. Oops! Forgot to say ... write 'Provence Family' on the back of our pieces :) STILL lovin' my coin necklace!!

  2. Posted on FB, too!! Waiting (impatiently) for my USCIS paperwork to come back. How long did it take for yours to come back after fingerprinting?? Wondering if I should stalk the mailman, or settle in for the long haul ...

  3. Hi Melissa,
    So happy to support you in this...puzzle,FB, got it!

  4. Hey girl, but us down for three entries. :) "The White Family" on the back. <3

  5. So happy for the wait list!! :) Put me down for 3. :)

  6. Put us down for 3 too (one for each of, Josh, and Trevor). I'll bring you the cash on Sunday. I'm posting on FB too!

  7. Just sponsored a puzzle piece and posted on facebook :) Lots of prayers your way!