Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I can't believe it...

    We had the hardest time getting our dossier submitted.  The  Lord brought us the money, but our paper work had a few issues. It was so frustrating, because you look over that paper work a million times making sure that everything is perfect and somehow  I still missed mistakes . The most frustrating part was that we were going to be delayed by two weeks to get on the waiting list AND we spent well over $100 dollars on shipping that should have never been spent.  I know that it's Gods timing and I am also very thankful that we were able to see and correct the problems now, it would have been so much more time consuming and costly to have it mess  up later.
This is a Dossier. Your blood , sweat and tears, many tears!

We finally got all of them Authenticated.

Blue bow, for our little man!

Shipped out! We are coming for you baby boy! One step closer <3
Today I received an email saying that everything is perfect and we should be on the waiting list in  about a week and a half. EEEEKKKK!!! I am beyond excited.  We also have uped our age request. It was 0-15 months, but now it will be 0-21 months. We are thrilled and can not wait to hold our little man.

Here is some more exciting news. Once we get the email that we are officially on the waiting list we are going to have a huge celebration by giving away COLD HARD CASH!!! Yes, you read that right. You might want to be following my blog to find out when it will happen and how you can enter!!!

Thank you Jesus!!


  1. I can feel your excitement while reading your blog. Very excited and happy for the Maser family. Looking forward to meeting all the kiddoes! We are going to need a bigger church building :)

  2. As we prepare to submit our dossier, I find myself going over and over it. My biggest nightmare is having to redo stuff - although our case manager said 95% of people have to fix something so I should be prepared. Congrats to you! What agency are you all?

  3. Lara, it was frustrating, but it seriously could have been much worse. I am very thankful. You will be fine! I am with Children's Hope International :)

  4. Stoked on your behalf...methinks we shall do a little celebrating here with ya'll in mind tonight.

  5. so excited for you to be done with your dossier. you are almost dte! we are almost ready to send in our dossier as well. what did you have to re-do? again sooooo excited you are one step closer!

  6. Woohoo!!! We'll be right behind you :)

  7. YIPEE!! So happy! I love the post office picture of you all!!

  8. Thx for the comment of intro, by way of June, on my blog. We are currently working on our HS and Dossier, w/ our 1st Homevist next week, thus, we REALLY, can feel what a blessing it must be, to be done and just waiting for your first numbers. Great to meet you, cant wait to follow your journey-