Friday, July 27, 2012

A year ago

It was a year ago on Sunday when we held our precious Caleb Leykun for the first time.

                          I remember the anticipation and wondering what it would be like.

It was more joyful then I could have ever imagined and it was more painful then I ever could have imagine.

There were a group of us in a room waiting for the nannies to bring us our kiddos. One of the men was peeking out the window and yelled that  a little baby was coming. We didn't think it was ours, because from all the pictures Caleb was huge. So when Hermela walked in with him we were not prepared. I saw the baby in her arms and yelled, "He's ours, that's our boy!"  What an amazing feeling. To finally hug and kiss your child that God has placed on your heart, the child you have been praying over for over a year. It was our boy and we could not be more ecstatic!

One thing that I really wanted to bring was an album for Caleb to keep with him while we were gone. I knew he was young, but it meant so much to me for him to see that he had a family waiting desperately for him to come home.

                     Look at the bald head!!!  This is Caleb looking at the album we left with him.

Caleb still loves that album. He grabs it all the time when I am going to read to him and he tells me who everyone is in the pictures. He points out hubby and I and his brothers and sisters. It melts my heart.

He loves to pose for the camera.. haha!!

I remember leaving him. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. On the last day of being with him there was a group of us and only a small few could fit into the van and we thankfully got to leave last. It was just hubby and I and all the kiddos. I cried my eyes out and didn't stop that whole day. Having to lay him in the crib and walk away tore my heart out. 

I have a lot of friends who are going through that now. I know that pain. It is indescribable and the not knowing of when you can go get him is the worst, BUT going through that experience has caused me to trust the Lord in a whole new way. I got to see God first hand do mighty things and I honestly wouldn't change it for anything. Even though it took 4 very long months after this point to get him here. I still would not change it. God's timing is/was perfect! I could not say that during it, but I can look back and see His hand in every single thing we went through.

For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me

                           Oh my sweet boy!!! He can suck you in with that cuteness!!!


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Pray!!   Pray!!   Buy a T-Shirt!!   Donate!!  Pray!!

Blessed beyond measure,

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