Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm still here!

Whew! This month has flown by and the way that it has been going I am glad that it is almost over.

I thought I would recap our crazy month :).... just some of it.

In no particular order:

1. Remember how I kept saying our sweet Caleb was suffering with hives and not so other nice things (i.e. nasty poop) Well we finally found out why. I would have put money on it that he had parasites. It is very common for the kids from orphanages to have them, but when all his blood work  and samples came back great, I was kind of shocked. Then I realized that he didn't have any issues until he came home. As soon as he came home we took him off formula and put him on cows milk. That is when everything started. So we immediately put him on soy and then took him right back off of it. (I didn't realize how bad soy was) then we put him on almond milk and goats milk and cut all cheeses and yogurt and he has been perfect! No more waking up at night ( I wonder if it was hurting his tummy :(...) His poop is normal! and we have not seen any hives. I am thankful!!

2. Hubby and I went to the Police Banquet and stayed over night. Let me repeat that, we had a whole night to ourselves with NO children. It was nice :) and before you judge me, well okay go ahead, Caleb was great. My mom stayed at our house and he was fine and knows grandma. Also he does know that we are his parents. We dressed up and danced the night away. I heart dancing!!!!!
love him!!

3. Speaking of my amazing hubby. We have been doing a lot of this lately.
Well, not always with wine. but it's not just a bible study. Last night was incredible. We stayed up all night talking about how we can learn from some things that have been thrown at us, how we can better serve the King with our marriage and family, how we can truly hold each other accountable by putting Jesus above each others happiness. (Meaning, if I am sinning, he will not take my side just to make me happy, he will let me know.) We cried a lot... okay I cried a lot.. It was a very intense, beautiful, spirit led, sweet precious time that we spent together last night. I do feel bad that he only had about 3 hours of sleep, but it was just amazing. I say it all the time, but I mean it. I am truly blessed to have a man that Loves Jesus more then me.

4. Do you ever have those moments where God just  moves you to tears with His goodness?? I had one today. As I was driving around running errands. I saw in my mirror my 3 year old daughter lifting up her hands every time the verse " I will lift my hands in worship" came on and she was singing at the top of her lungs. It really moved me in such a huge way that I quickly snapped a pic.

5. My new obsession!!!!!!! No really, it's super duper yummy!

My friend had posted this link to another friends wall last week. She tried it and said it was the best. Then all of a sudden I have been seeing tons of recipes for spinach smoothies. I knew I had to try it and I am hooked. So are the kids. No really, you can not taste the spinach at all.  I was not convinced that I would be full from it, but I actually am. I had this for lunch and I don't want anything else. You seriously MUST TRY IT... do it now... now, like right this second. And then let me know what you thought :)
Here is where I found this recipe, but there are tons out there.      Also check out my friends blog HERE

Thanks for sticking with me friends. I promise to blog more. There has been so much that the Lord has put on my heart I am praying for time to sit down and write.

Hope you are having a blessed day!!!


  1. LOVE this! LOVE you! It made me laugh, cry, smile, sigh, and just warmed my heart.

  2. wow, you have had such an amazing month minus the whole hives situation. But I am so thrilled that you guys figured it out! I am now so much more aware of what i am putting into my body and how it can really affect you.
    I'll have to tell my hubby to live Jesus more than me...he may have a tough time with that. So do i!