Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Falling on my knees..

                                Yesterday was one of many days that I will never forget.

Yesterday morning was rough for me. I woke up at 4 am and checked my phone for any emails from the USCIS and nothing. Then I checked our facebook board to see if anyone else heard anything and nothing. I began to get scared. or you can also say I was panicking :)  I had to be up early anyway for CC so I never went back to sleep.

I felt heavy and could barely get out of bed. When I got  in the shower I just lost it. I was on my knees crying  to God that I didn't know how I was going to keep going on. And then even just saying that out loud I was scared that God's plan was to give us an RFE so that He could show me  through Him I could go on.... See crazy mix of emotions.

I asked on Facebook for prayers because I needed them and I desperately needed to feel the Lord in a  big way.  After I spent sometime in prayer myself, I was feeling some peace and then headed to CC with my kiddos.

Every morning before we begin, all the CC tutors and leaders get together, hold hands, and pray. They all started to pray for me without evening knowing how horrible I was feeling and they all started asking the Lord to move this mountain and allow Caleb to come home now. I of course cried and this wave of peace came over me. I still wasn't sure if the Lord's plan was for us to have an RFE but even if it was, I was okay with it.

During class I have eight students and I was telling them that if I am not here next Tuesday it is because I will be in Africa finally picking up my son. The kids said  together, "Mrs. Maser, we are praying we don't see you next Tuesday."  It melted my heart!

I don't have my phone on while I am there and at around 11:30 I got a text from my friend asking if we cleared. Before I had time to answer I realized that I had several missed calls from my hubby, I called him and he yells " God did it!! We are getting our boy!." I burst into tears!! I could not believe it. I told the kids and  I ran out into the parking lot and hugged the first person I saw., (sorry poor Amie for scaring you ) and then my sweet friend Mary came running out screaming (someone thought a kid got hit by a car because she took off so fast) and before you know it we were all in shock (kids and adults) and praising the Lord together.

The funny thing about all of this craziness is that God really did give us the desires of our hearts.  If we would have picked up Caleb two months ago when we were suppose to, I would have had to leave him every Tuesday for CC. Hubby would have been with him, but I really was having a hard time thinking about leaving him.Plus tickets were so expensive that I would have had to fundraise again.  Also Hubby wanted so desperately to be the one that read the email this time. I am the one that had received everything first with this adoption and he wanted to be the one to tell me. I told him there would be no way because it always goes to my email and I have my phone.Another thing is, we really wanted to leave this Thursday so we could be with our boy on Thanksgiving. And look what God did!!!!  CC has a two month break coming up, Hubby hacked into my email account and found the email first, and we are leaving tomorrow to get our boy and we will be home with our whole family Thanksgiving night.  

Oh sweet Jesus, there are just no words!

I am going to be kissing this sweet face in 3 days and I will never stop!!

I can not thank you all enough for your continued prayers. There were so many of you texting me, emailing, facebooking, and letting me know you were praying. That is the body of Christ at work!!! Your prayers strengthen me when I didn't think I could go another day. Over and over again God gave me peace and Hope though all of your prayers. I will never be able to thank you for coming along side us, not judging my pain, but instead hurting with me and most of you I have never even met.  God is good and I am beyond thankful for each and every one of you!!

I bought this sling in June and in just a couple of days, I will finally be able to carry our boy in it!!
It has been over four long months since I last held our Caleb. I can not wait!!!!!!! Our kids are beyond excited to finally meet their little brother. Even they have been able to witness God's incredible faithfulness and power to say yes, when the world says no! Thank you Jesus!

 Thank you all so so much!!! I will be updating through facebook while we are gone. That seems to be the easier route. I will still blog while we are gone, I am just not sure if I will be able to publish it right away.

One more important thing....
If you all could please still pray for my dear friends who did get an RFE. They are hurting on a level that we can not comprehend. Praying that God would wrap His arms around them. And give them the strength that they will need to get through this next hurdle. Friends we love you and will not stop praying.

Oh and I am so thankful for family and friends (who are like family) that are going to  watch our kids while we are gone. The excitement that they have to watch them makes it so much easier for this momma to leave and get our boy! Another Blessing from the Lord,. Oh how undeserving we are!

For His Glory alone!


  1. Oh how exciting!! Can't wait to see how the journey unfolds when you bring him to his Forever Home with his Forever Family!!

  2. Eeek, more tears! So happy for your family!

  3. i'm in tears reading this!!! I am so happy for you all, and to see God answer that prayer and even take into account all the details regarding Thanksgiving and all. That just melts me! Thanks for sharing ;o)

  4. Oh Melissa, I am sitting at my desk (on prep while my kinders are at music class) and tears are streaming down my face, I am so so happy for you and for Caleb and for your family and can not wait to see pics of everyone together at last!

  5. So happy for you all - what an amazing Thanksgiving lies ahead!

  6. Praise God!! Rejoicing with you!