Monday, November 21, 2011

Caleb days 2 and 3

We woke up early Sunday and went to church. Caleb was unsure at first, but loved the music. Everyone there was so nice and it was a great service. I was crying when we were singing the song "The wonderful cross." The part where it says " you bid me come and die to find that I may truly live." I think about all that God has done not only with Caleb but everything in my life and I can't help but praise Him and be in awe that He would allow me to die (cover my sin), so that I may live with Him ( his daughter, heir to the throne). Thank you Jesus!  After church we just went back to the guest house to try and nap. Caleb has not been sleeping at night so hubby and I are were exhausted.

Later on that night for dinner we went to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with our driver and his fiance. We had a wonderful time. Caleb did awesome and he even ate his first injera. He went nuts when the dancers came out. He loved every minute of it. I ate my first raw meat..... .yep, I will take a moment to let that sink in. It was by complete accident. We were sharing a meal and I just started to try everything. I ate tons of it before someone started naming off everything and then said " oh and that one is raw meat." You should have seen the look on my face. I was so scared I was going to get sick. Thankfully all is well and I am fine. I am so adventurous LOL

Caleb is becoming a lot closer to hubby and I. He cries when one of us leaves the room and no matter what he is doing he has to be touching me or he gets upset. We are having a hard time with feeding him because most of our food for him was taken in Germany. They told us since we didn't have a baby with us then we can't have it. Also I know they fed him a lot in the orphanage but he doesn't seem to eat a lot with us. I know the food is so different then what he is use too. We bought formula here so that works, but please pray he starts to really eat soon. I know he needs it.

He is crawling and starting to stand. He is not walking but we think he will be by Christmas. He adores other kids. Anytime he sees them he cracks up and can't stop staring. I can not wait for him to meet his brothers and sisters. He is a talker, he loves baths, his laugh is contagious and I just might be slightly obsessed with his hair :)

We had to get up early on Monday for our visa appointment. Caleb did not sleep again. Well he sleeps if I am holding him, but I can't hold him all night. And we tried the co sleeping. I have never been a fan of it and it didn't work anyway he just wanted to play.

Our visa appointment went great. We didn't have to wait very long and when we left, we told Caleb he is a Maser and he is coming home and he started to laugh. I think he understood us ;) We were able to meet so many of the families that were caught up in this same mess we were. It was awesome seeing everyone with thier new children. We are all going to meet for dinner tomorrow night.

We then went site seeing around some beautiful mountains. It was just incredible. I must have taken a million pictures. Then we went shopping and then to lunch. We also stopped by the place where they harvest silk worms and make scarves. So amazing how they do it and I love how they don't waste anything. (I will show pictures when we get home) I of course had to get some more scarves :)

Caleb is now napping and hubby and I are enjoying our Kaldis that we took to go. We are having such an amazing time with our new son. He is such a joy! even when he is refusing to sleep!

Thank you all for your prayers!!!    I can't wait for you to meet our boy!


  1. I'm still amazed you ate raw meAt! Hahah
    I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to see the pics :-)

  2. Glad you are writing all this down! Once you're home, you'll be able to get Caleb into a good schedule and things won't be quite so challenging.

  3. Thanks so much for posting and for this glimpse into your experience. So thankful for all the answered prayer for you and for the bonding that you're already experiencing. :) Thanks again for getting pictures of our sweet boy. The fact that you are there and have laid eyes on him is almost overwhelming. You are a blessing!