Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We got our miracle!!

I can not believe it!!!! And I can not believe I have to ask AGAIN!

WE GOT OUR COURT DATE!!!!!! We will be leaving here July21st  and will have court on July 26th to say WE WANT CALEB TO BE OUR BOY FOREVER!!!

I can not believe this is really happening. My whole body is shaking.

I am going to get to finally kiss those precious lips and tell our sweet Caleb that he will be an orphan no more!!!!

Here is where I need help again! I know..... it stinks... I hate being in this position...BUT We need money to see him.

We only  need $3645 to fund our first trip!!!

Please ask the Lord if you should help. I know I have all ready tapped all of you out and I am sure you are so tired of hearing us ask, but please see if this is something the Lord wants you to do. Could you also spread this blog around and give others the opportunity?

Honestly there is no amount to small. We had tons of people give $5 and that added up really quickly!

We are waiting to hear if we got a grant or not, If we do get it, it will be a matching grant. BUT we have to purchase our tickets by the 7th! That is only 2 days away! And they are a great price. We are still praying we get the grant which will help a lot! We still have funds to raise with that, we need the minimum right now to get to our boy. 

I can't wait to see him!!

Oh thank you Jesus for this  miracle!

Also check out what a friend is doing to help us 
You could win an IPAD!!!!!!!!! 

We have two days! Praying and trusting and praising!!!!

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  1. Heard about your story from Love. Praying everything you stand in need of will be provided! Just made a small donation and hope many others can do the same. "All things are possible with God".