Friday, June 17, 2011

Help us win a grant!

We are still fundraising with Ordinary Hero! We get 40% of all sales towards our travel costs to see our little Caleb.

Starting today and ending Tuesday, they are going to award the top three sellers with an extra $500!!! That means not only will we get 40% of the sales but we could also (with your help) get an additional  $500!

How awesome is that!?!

 I absolutely LOVE Ordinary Hero merchandise. They even have some cute new shirts out.

I really want this one for myself!

I can picture all three of my boys wearing this one!

My girlie girls want this one bad!

You get a purchase you will love and  help us get our Caleb here at the same time!

You can click on the Ordinary Hero picture on the right of my blog and don't forget when you purchase to choose our name in the affiliate box so we get the credit.

Remember grant contest ends Tuesday!!!


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