Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Dreaming!

I have four posts that are half written and I just can't seem to finish them.

All I am doing is praying and day dreaming about our little Caleb. <3

There are some people in Ethiopia right now who are loving on our little boy for us and who are also taking pictures.
I am DYING to see those pictures!!! Seriously.... dying!!!! :)

The kids have been playing with the enormous about of baby dolls we have around here, pretending they are Caleb. They are going nuts waiting for their little brother to get here.
 Caleb will be in our boys room and they have been begging us to get the crib all set up. I don't even know if we have all the pieces for it. I really need to get on that.

We have also been praying for a July court date.

I have always told God (and whoever would ask) that I was done having kids. "I did not have a kid at 21 to have another at 30. No way did I want to start over." 

Can't you just hear God laughing!?!

Thankfully I am not in control and I am excited to say that I will be a proud momma again at... well.... 30! I will be 30 on July 29th. So how amazing would that be to be in Ethiopia loving on our little man!?!

Hey it could happen!

Again, I am not in control. God has the perfect timing and God knows when we will get to see him and pass court. BUT if we do get a court date, then we need to buy tickets ASAP. As of right now they are $2000 a piece and going up!

I felt sick to my stomach knowing we would have to keep asking to finish off these funds.I have nothing to sell, nothing to offer.  We are waiting to hear about a matching grant......And then something cool happened.

My hubby is a Police Officer and one of his colleagues was sharing our story with some church friends and one of those people handed him a check to give to us!! Then yesterday my hubby was working and another colleague came up to him and handed him some money and told him that he had been wanting to support us.


To God be the Glory!

Little by little we will get those plane tickets!

I had a friend tell me during our "Help! We need our referral fee"  time, that if I don't put the need out there, how is anyone going to help? I am taking her advice and putting the need out there.

Just to be able to make our first trip (Please be a July court date) we will need $4500. Unless tickets go up, but that is the need now ( it could go down. you never know) .  We have $855 towards those cost now. So we need to raise $3645. The thing is that once we do get a court date, we need to purchase tickets right away. So we won't have 7 days or a limit. So if you are feeling led or maybe you just want to spread the word to give someone else the opportunity, we would really, really, really appreciate it!

Please keep praying for the Lord to prepare Caleb's heart for this crazy family he is apart of and for him to stay healthy and loved on. Pray for our funds and for a court date before the courts close.  We know and have peace that the funds will be there, God is never late.

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