Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What did you say?

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had taken my two oldest to get their home school evaluations done  ( they did great!) and then I always take them to McDonalds for a treat afterwards.

While we were there the kids were asking me what it was like when Elijah was born. If it was raining, cold, etc. (His birthday is Friday.) They were asking me if he kicked a lot and how they thought it was so cool that whatever I ate is what he ate. And then it happened.....

Brianna- " Mom, (very serious tone) how does God put the baby in your tummy? " She then  paused as in a deep thought and said " I will need to know, but I am little so you can tell me later."
Then they both went on talking about something else. 


But it will come back up soon. So I was wondering. What have you all said to your kids?

Remember my oldest are only 6 and soon to be 8.  I am honestly surprised that this has not come up sooner.  We all ready know how we would like to do the "sex talk" when they are a little older. But what did you say in the in between stages?

My son did say that he was sad that God didn't allow boys to carry babies, He thought it would be soooooo cool.  Hahaha I am sure he will change his mind when he is older. :) 

Would love to hear your funny and maybe not so funny stories.


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