Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who/what do you run too??

   Hubby works a lot and sometimes has a very strange schedule, so when he comes home from work it is a big production around here. All the kiddos will look out the window and yell " Daddy's home!!" then they ask if they can open the front door and they all run outside to see who gets to tackle him first.

Though seeing this everyday melts my heart (and I'm sure my hubby's too) I can't help but wonder........

Do you run to your Heavenly Father? Do you wake up excited at being able to dive into His word? Do you jump at the chance to be able to serve others, to pray for them, to love them like Jesus does?

His word is more to be desired then gold, even the finest gold. Even more sweeter then honey and drippings of the honey comb. (Psalm19:10)

Or for an up to date version........ His word is more to be desired then money, sweeter then TV or Sleep or -------.

Are you staying hungry for the word? Are you sharing it's sweetness with those around you? Are you running to your Heavenly Father every moment of everyday???

  "Whom have I in heaven, but you?
                     There is nothing on earth I desire besides you."


  1. Awesome, melissa. good analogy.

  2. Thank you Melissa... made me smile as I thought how much more Our Father loves it when we do run into His arms in faith.

  3. What they said...but also: this is a GREAT picture!!!

  4. Loved this! Such a sweet picture:)

  5. yup, so true! thanks for the thought!

  6. That pic makes for a wonderful visual of us running to our Heavenly Father! Thanks for the encouragement to ponder if we are pursuing something else more than we are pursuing God! Great post!