Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Brianna

Today is my daughters 6th birthday. I remember when I was pregnant with her, I was so scared to have a girl. I was worried she would turn out like me. She did! LOL but God also gave her a uniqueness all her own. Brianna means "Strong One" We should have known what we were getting into :D

Daddy never had a chance, he was marked as soon as she arrived:)

Our Princess was here and we would never be the same
Her arrival meant that Elijah would be a big brother. A job he has been thankful for every since.

She is a lot like her daddy when it comes to food. She has a huge sweet tooth. She ate her whole birthday cake when she was one.

Out of all my kids, Brianna and I butt heads the most. But I also learn so much from her. I can see myself through her eyes. It's scary at times and at times it's amazing. Brianna excepted Jesus in her heart a little over a month ago. It was all the Lord's doing. She came up to us and said she needed to pray. All of us got around her bed and she told Jesus that she loves Him more than anything and she wants to live her life for him.We had no idea what she was going to say and it was beautiful. She had tears in her eyes and I know with all my heart that she loves the Lord and is going to do incredible things for Him. Her prayers every night floor me. Such beautiful heart felt words from such a little girl.

Did I mention that we are a lot alike?

But she will always be my princess.
Every year since her birth daddy gets his girls flowers. Brianna gets sunflowers. She looks forward to them every year. I love that they have a special thing for just them. Praying for her future husband to treat her with the same love and respect that her daddy gives her.
My 6 year old

Happy Birthday Precious Brianna. I am honored to be your mother. Even though I hate that you are growing up,I am grateful to be able to help guide you through it all. Praying that the Lord will continue to rule your heart. I love you my sweet girl.



  1. Larry and I love you Brianna!! What's not to love :) Thankful you are in our lives as well!!! Happy Birthday!

  2. That is get-the-kleenex sweet! Happy birthday to your precious princess ;-)