Thursday, May 24, 2012


Exactly one year ago today, we received the call that we had a boy waiting for us.

                                                            The Call

On a Monday we were watching our friends daughter Karis. Karis was about 8 months old and the kids were so excited to have a baby in the house that they all got up early just so they could play with her. My hubby had off that day and we spent the whole day loving on this sweet girl. As the day went on our hearts started hurting for our boy. We all were so ready to have a little one in our home. Hubby thought we should just pray since we all were feeling this longing. We sat in a circle with Karis on my lap and one by one we all cried out to the Lord. It was beautiful and I had a wonderful peace come over me.

On Tuesday we were watching baby Karis again and hubby was also off again so we decided to run some errands.

I dropped my hubby off to get his hair cut and I took the kids to Target. As I walked in the store my phone rang. I looked at it with disbelief seeing that the number was from my agency in St. Louis. I answered the phone with a Heeelllllooooooo?? ( Picture me talking as if you know someone is going to tell you something and they are just not getting it out) " Hi, Melissa it's Angie (acting like its just a random call) How are you guys doing?" Me- " I'm ggggoooooodddddd." (still anticipating) Then she screams " We have a referral for you!!!!" Me- Screaming and crying hysterically. My kids look at me and ask if it was the call and I said yes and they start screaming. Karis is screaming but hers is more of a " I have no idea whats going on and these crazy people are scaring me" kind of cry.  I was shaking so bad I could barely stand and people in Target were concerned. I reassured them that it was all good news as I'm running out the door crying and shoving all the kids back in the car. I called hubby to get out of the hair cutting place. Let me back up.... So in my mind I calmly call my hubby and tell him we got a referral and  that he needs to leave now so we can go home and see his picture. Apparently that's not what happened because He keeps saying " What?? What happened?? Who got hurt??? Then I screamed at the top of my lungs in a not so nice voice to get his butt outside NOW!!!!  (later he told me that I was so hysterical that he had no idea what I was saying)

Moving on!

We all went home and recorded ourselves looking at our sweet boys face for the first time.

Here are the pictures that we saw.

 Sorry they are turned. For some reason it won't let me fix it.

Awwwww look at those precious eyes <3

For those that don't know. In your referral packet you get a picture and all the information or lack of that they have on the child and then you can say yes or no. No was never an option for us and we knew whomever the Lord gave us was suppose to be a Maser.

Here is the video:

One thing that I wish I would have done differently was to just enjoy this moment. But shortly after all the excitement I started to worry about the money that we needed to even say Yes to him. I should have known that God had it all under control. Through all of you He brought our referral money in 4 days. 4 looonnngggg days ;) but He did it! And I should have known that He would. For those of you in the wait and still need to raise money. GOD WILL PROVIDE!!! I have countless stories of how God provided at each and every need. I really didn't want to be that person that didn't have it ready when needed and I was, every time. Believe it or not, I was thankful. I got to see God move in the hearts of people in such a mighty way.

Thank you Jesus for our sweet Caleb! We could not imagine our lives with out him.

Also, today is exactly 6 months since he has been home. I will write a blog tomorrow about all the ups and downs and ups :) with lots of pictures!

To God be the Glory,


  1. Happy Referralversary!! He is just precious!

  2. Such an incredible awesome story!!!!! So blessed and encouraged by it. So so happy for you

  3. Love your description! Dream of that day for us someday. :) Also loved your encouragement about raising the money. I wish i could see the video - it won't let me. Happy Referralversary - he is SO cute! :)