Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have great news!

No we did not get the call.... sigh... BUT we have some great news that will help us towards our referral fee so we can say YES to our little man when we do get the call! :D

Ordinary Hero is an amazing nonprofit, child advocacy organization. They serve children in need both locally and abroad through privately funded, ongoing projects that are completely driven by their network of volunteers....Ordinary Heros. Their slogan is to "Change the world for one"

They have amazing merchandise. I got to see all of them first hand and I had to really control myself not to buy everything. All of the material is great, honestly there was not one thing that I didn't love. You have to check out all their cute stuff. They have tons of different styles!

They are such a selfless organization that they are allowing adopting families to earn money towards their adoption fees by selling shirts. Yes, we get to sell their amazing shirts!!! I really do feel very honored to help spread their message and at the same time, this is going to help us with that huge referral fee. We get 40% of the sales.

In order for us to get the credit they have given us a special link. That way all you have to do is click on the link to order and it will automatically go to us. Here is the link:

Please feel free to post it anywhere. The more people that know the better, not everyone will be able to purchase ,but everyone can spread the word.

Go and check out all their cute stuff!!!

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  1. I will post @ this asap. How long will this be going on?