Thursday, July 22, 2010

No time to be lazy and the puzzle is back!!!!

      My birthday is in one week from today. On the 29th of July I will be 29!! I love saying that, so cool! Anyways, for my present (since I know all of you have been racking your brains on what to get me ) I would love to be able to have the money to send in our dossier. One week to raise $2380. On the last day ( my birthday) I will be doing a facebook a-thon to try and raise what ever remainder we have left. Will you help spread the word?

No time to be lazy:
       I have been praying about a shirt idea ever sense we decided to adopt, but could not think of anything. About a week ago the Lord gave me an idea that I am so excited about. I am in the process of getting the design right, so this will take a while. Also on August 7th we are going to be having another yard sale. This one needs to be a lot bigger, We are going to advertise in the paper and we could really use your help the day of and also if there is anything you can donate we would be thrilled to come get it.

     On another note. THE PUZZLE IS BACK!!!! First let me explain why I deleted it to begin with. I got this idea from a friend who got it from a friend etc. I found this puzzle and just fell in love with it. Then after it was up, I saw that someone else had did the exact same puzzle. I felt horrible even though I did not intentionally take the same one they had. But after praying, my sweet hubby said "We love it and we should do it. We are all in this together!" So very true! So it is back. Here is the idea in a nutshell:

     We are asking you to "sponsor" a piece or pieces of our puzzle for $10 each. When you sponsor one, we will permanently write your name or your families name on the back. When it is all finished we will put it in a glass case so that you will be able to see the front and the back of all the people who helped bring our son home. I love this idea, I love being able to have something for our son to look at and keep forever. So we are asking you to please sponsor a piece or two! If you want to see exactly what ours will look like complete go to this puzzle. 

 So please help us put our puzzle together and bring home our little one.We will update with pictures as  the sponsors come in. Our kiddos are very excited to put this together as they are sponsored, so let's give them something to do :D


  1. I'm glad to see your puzzle is back and will be pleased to help you put some of it together soon (Pay day is coming). And happy almost birthday...we grew up calling the birthday where the date matched your age the "golden birthday"...may the Lord bless your golden day!

  2. i am going to lunch this same fundraiser shortly!

  3. I had this same idea!!! But now I've seen two adoptive families that beat me to it and I feel kind of bad "copying". hmmm...anyway, I love that I found your blog!! :)

  4. I love this puzzle!! Where did you find it? I've been wanting to start a puzzle fundraiser and I adore this puzzle. Hope you don't mind me copying!!

    Lindsey :)