Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grateful yet undeserving

    There is so much that I have been wanting to write, but have not had the time to actually sit down and put it into words. We have only been on this journey for a week and all ready God has blown me away. I have no idea why I am surprised. He can do far more then we can ever imagine and He has!! He worked through all of you to get our first fee in!! It's actually kind of crazy how it happened. I was at a meeting talking to my friend about our adoption and I was telling her how we needed exactly $500 more to get our fee in. Just as I was telling her goodbye I got a message on my phone with a donation. Can you guess how much it was? Exactly $500. Isn't that amazing!?! I actually screamed with excitement.
 When I was helping some other friends with their adoption and/or mission trips I got to see the amazing ways that God would provide. I feel so blessed that He would allow us to be able to praise Him in the same way. When I was talking to one of our friends  that donated, they said "He is the GREAT provider! I'm glad He wanted some of HIS money to come to you guys." So very true. It's God's money, not ours. All of this adoption craziness is about Him not us. I can't say it enough. We feel so honored that He would call us to do this.

My heart is all ready aching for our little boy. Is he born yet? Does his mother know she is going to give him up? Is she even eating? When he is born, is he going to be held? Loved on? comforted? Will anybody care if he cries? Will he be starving? Writing all these just makes me cry. This is our son. I don't have to see him, I don't have to hold him to first fall in love. I all ready am in love! No bonding required. He is my son, this is who Jesus wants us to love on and raise and to share God's love with for the rest of our lives.I know it's not going to be easy, but I can't wait! We have so much more money we need to raise and tons more paperwork to do, but one day soon he will be in my arms.

Thank you all so much who are donating. We are just so humbled by your generosity. Please keep it up. Our next fee is $4100. It's our dossier fee. Once we get that turned in we will be waiting on our referral. Our referral is when we find out who our son will be. Will you please help us? Will you please pray for us and our son?

We are going to be having a garage sale probably April 24th. If we can get everything organized. I will let everyone know for sure. We are also in the process of making jewlery to sell (our friend is, we are not creative) So please keep checking our blog for updates!
Thank you all again for serving Jesus in this way. We are so thankful for all your donations and encouraging words. May God send many blessings your way!

"For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord;
I sing for joy at the works of your hands.
How great are your works, O Lord, How profound your thoughts!"
Psalm 92:4-5

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  1. So glad to hear how the Lord provided this round...I really enjoyed this post!